Why custom container houses?

Container strength is relatively large, its rigidity and specifications can also be customized according to customer needs, originally it is a carrier of transport, but now the container can be used as a house, container housing for the land requirements are not high, and it can be moved and upgraded at any time according to the owner's requirements, especially in the process of travel, often see the kind of container housing, so why custom Container housing it?

Customized container houses have good earthquake-resistant structure

Container housing is also a steel frame steel plate shear wall combination structure. Compared with the ordinary plate steel plate shear wall, container housing using thin-walled folding plate steel plate shear wall. In steel frame - steel plate shear wall combination structure, steel plate shear wall provides a large shear stiffness for the whole system, while the steel frame provides a small part of the shear stiffness and all the overall flexural stiffness in the whole lateral stiffness. Steel plate shear walls have good ductility and hysteretic properties, which fully meet the seismic design requirements of low axial pressure ratio seismic protection line. It is a very ideal lateral force-resisting member, which can well meet the requirements of three-stage seismic resistance and two-stage design.

Low cost of custom container housing safety

The rapid development of the container industry also brings many problems, vacant containers occupy an area of the problem, the recycling of used containers and other issues. The maintenance cost of these container houses is not high, so people try to convert these containers into houses. Earlier, this transformation house appeared in the port terminals, and construction sites, mainly due to its inexpensive, movable, disassembled features. With the continuous progress and development of society, people's pace of life accelerates, the population mobility increases, more and more stimulating people to live in space mobility, security, practicality, environmental friendly and other aspects of thinking, custom container housing is also more and more widely used in public buildings, schools, hotels, museums, exhibition halls, tourist attractions, stores and other fields.

Custom container housing is very many kinds, and classification methods are also varied, whether the traditional dry container or now more popular bulk containers, even liquid-specific containers, can be used as an activity board room, most of their manufacturing materials are more reliable, whether aluminum alloy or steel containers, in the late for the protection of the housing role is relatively strong, and even some thin shell container Made into housing after the service life than the normal commercial housing long.

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