What Are the Characteristics of Containerized House?

Currently, the temporary construction industry varies by region. The market with a large demand for mobile homes is temporary buildings in the construction sites of the construction industry and urban rail transit, used for worker dormitories, canteens, and warehouses. Currently, more and more lightweight steel structure modular homes are being used. What are the characteristics of customized containerized house?

Container homes have various types

There are many types of container homes. The relatively traditional and practical type is the container house that is similar to the traditional wooden house. Its characteristics are that it is more sturdy than ordinary mobile panel houses and incorporates welding technology. Another type uses a new welding technology to re-weld the container body into a structure similar to a house. There is also a higher-grade residential container home. Its welding technology is more exquisite, and its interior decoration and related supporting facilities are more sound. The technical standards are relatively high, and the price is also more expensive. The characteristics of containerized house are that they are convenient to transport, install and move, have low costs, and have a service life of more than ten years, with a high return on investment and a wide range of applications. The third type of container homes is between mobile panel houses and container homes, mainly using modular production technology to modularize a container into standard parts that need to be assembled on-site when used, which can accelerate the installation and disassembly speed and reduce transportation costs.

Containerized house is widely used

In the construction process of a large number of sturdy buildings, structures, roads, bridges, and transportation facilities, as well as in future construction, a large number of temporary buildings are needed to support them. In addition, in industries that require long-term outdoor operations, emergency relief, tourism, and high peak traffic, temporary housing that meets different needs has emerged. With the progress of the times, the improvement of working conditions and the need to build a harmonious society, there are high requirements for the safety and applicability of temporary buildings and the improvement of living conditions. Container homes are used as a temporary building in many engineering construction sites.

At the same time, with the improvement of design and manufacturing levels, the safety and comfort of containerized house have gradually improved, and the concept of customized containerized house has been gradually recognized by society, and the utilization rate has greatly increased. Therefore, the demand for the mobile housing market will remain strong for a long time, and this process is expected to continue for a long time.

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