Modular Houses Make Your Life Eco-friendly, Simple, Comfortable and Not Lacking in Design

The modular house design returns the building to a relatively simple and comfortable construction method. The low-carbon construction of the building is realized through industrial production and on-site assembly of prefabricated modules, which ensures that these materials can be recycled after the building is dismantled, so that people can simply Build your own house quickly and easily.

The cost of modular house is low, and the installation is fast and the construction period is shortened. If you compare modular houses with your ordinary housing, the time to build a modular house is much faster than building a house. And the materials used in the construction process are also very economical and can be mass-produced to meet the needs of the city. For the average person, its price is also very humane.

The integration of design and function, as an important feature, is very closely related to its structure and image, and it can be completely integrated. For designers, China prefabricated steel structure building can be improved through various links, which we can see some clues from various industry consultations.

What is shared below is a recent work of a mobile home villa designed by American designer Daniel Libeskind, which is completely different from his previous works. Despite being a small project (5,500 sq. ft.), the house expresses the architect's design language strongly through its sharp angles, expressing a strong geometry.