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Flat Pack Container House

The flat pack container house (Porta Cabin) is a modular building that can be moved and reused at will, which is all made of steel. The flat pack container building is an integral structure with a frame inside. The wall is made of color steel composite board and filled with EPS, rock wool, and glass wool. The flat pack container homes are mainly used in temporary buildings. With a standard size of 20 feet, the single flat pack container house for sale can be combined in various combinations. The China flat pack container house has strong seismic and deformation resistance, good sealing performance, convenient disassembly and assembly, green environmental protection, waterproof, fireproof, and anti-corrosion, lightweight, and labor-saving. The flat pack container house can be stacked up to three layers, the whole is easy to migrate, and the service life can reach more than 20 years.

The flat-pack container house produced by our flat pack container house factory adopts the design concept of international standard shipping containers and innovatively increases the appearance of design elements. The top of the container uses the arch insulation structure design, which is convenient for drainage and insulation. The wall panel is made of a colored steel sandwich board instead of the original shipping container steel plate structure. And we, one of the professional steel frame house suppliers, also optimized the structure of the four corners of the lifting structure, so that it is more convenient for house transportation. The house has the characteristics of recycling, safety, environmental protection, beauty, economy, fast, efficiency, and so on. Please contact us for the flat pack container house price.

China Flat Pack Container House Product Parameters

  • Specification

    Size5950mm(L)*2250mm (W)*2690 mm(H)(external size) 5700mm(L)*2020mm(W)*2390mm(H)(internal size)Or 6050mm(L)*2438mm (W)*2590 mm(H)(external size) 5875mm(L)*2255mm(W)*2325mm(H)(internal size)
    FoundationSimple concrete foundation or solid floor slab required
    BaseProfile steel; Plywood/fiber cement panels+ vinyl/PVC surface flooring.
    Steel frameFrame structure: cold formed profile steel, 4mm thickness; Corrosion Protection: Polishing, derusting, sand blasting; Finishing coat: alkyd honed painting; Connected by bolts or screws.
    Wall and roof boardsSandwich panels, GI sheet, decoration panels, panels thickness will be 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm PU, EPS, Rockwool or others.
    RoofSandwich panels, GI sheet, asphalt shingle. Panels thickness will be 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm PU, EPS, Rockwool or others.
    Outside doorsSteel security doors or aluminium doors; The dimensions of doors are 800 X 1950 mm.
    Interior doorsWood, aluminum or sandwich panels doors.
    WindowsMain material is PVC double glass sliding, aluminium, gypsum windows, etc.; The window dimensions are 900/1100mm and they may vary upon request.
    Exterior decorationPVC ex-hanging panels, metal carved boards or MDF decorative boards and etc.
    ElectricityThe electrical installation is hidden, laid in plaster depth. The cables are HES brand, for the fuses Siemens automates are used. For the sockets cables of 2 X 2.5, lighting 2 X 1.5 are used. The switches and sockets are VIKO brand. In each room, there is one switch and two sockets. Split air conditioning installation will be made at the container.
    SanitaryThe installations are made plaster depth. Clean water piping are FIRAT brand. The tea furnace is chrome steel kitchen sink. Wash basins and lavatory bowls are DOGVIT brand.
    Technical parameters
    Standard roof load0.5KN/m2(can reinforce the structure as required)
    wind speedWind speed designing 210km/h (Chinese standard)
    seismic resistancemagnitudes 8
    Temperature suitabletemperature.-50°C~+50°C
    FireproofGrade 3
    component long beam3mm galvanized steel material
    short beam2.5mm galvanized steel sheet
    column on the corner3mm galvanized steel raw material
    secondary beamZ-shaped galvanized steel
    Floor panel18mm plywood panel+12mm laminated floor or 20mm cement-fiber +2mm vinyl flooring
    ForkliftTwo forklift on the base to move from one site to another
    External powerIf possible, we will add one or two external power holes on the roof panel.

Flat Pack Container House Advantages

Through modular packaging, the flat pack container house for sale can be transported in various ways: effectively saving long-distance transportation costs. Fast installation, short construction period, 4 skilled workers can install a unit within 2 hours; Multi-box combination, flexible layout, can be combined 360 degrees to form a large space, up to three layers can be stacked in the vertical direction; By adding the inner partition wall, the integrated lighting design of the office and accommodation functions can be realized. Safe and stable structure, long service life, excellent seismic (level 8) and wind resistance (level 11) performance: Through professional pre-treatment, sand painting or galvanized paint, the structural parts have greatly improved the corrosion resistance of the components, and the service life of the box room can reach more than 20 years.

Flat Pack Container House Features

  • Reutilization: The flat pack container house for sale can be assembled and disassembled more than 6 times. 

  • Service life is more than 20 years. 

  • Flat pack container building can be COMBINED freely at three directions. 

  • Easy and Fast Construction: 3 or 4 skilled workers just need 4 hours for assembling one flat pack porta cabin unit house. 

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