About Light Steel Villa

Light steel villas need mature construction technology to achieve the required thermal insulation effect. 

The insulation effect of a light steel villa

There are about three mature methods in the current market: However, this method requires repeated construction, and the process is cumbersome, so the construction sequence and quality are quite high. Requirements, in addition to the construction crew's needs more attention. This construction practice does not use the form of hanging mesh gypsum, there is no steel wire mesh frame, it can be directly embedded on the wooden keel, and it is directly connected by the screws of the external wall hanging board, which not only improves the insulation performance but also greatly reduces the cost. This approach does not require too much leveling of the wall, it can be filled directly with slurry, and the cost is also very low.

How to carry out regular cleaning of light steel villas?

The light steel villa can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly, realizing the general standardization of temporary buildings, establishing the concept of green, energy-saving and fast construction, and making temporary houses enter a series of development, integrated production, supporting supply, and inventory. And the area of styling products that can be used multiple times.

After three years of use, it needs to be maintained with paint to bring beauty to the building. It is connected with the light steel villa components, so electrical equipment such as wires are used to separate the wire grooves to avoid the occurrence of electric shock accidents.

It's also important to note that products like steel wool, abrasive board brushes, and stain removers should be rinsed from top to bottom if there is no mess in the exterior wall cleaning. There are light steel villa branches, leaves, and other similar items that should be cleaned up in time, so as not to cause trouble down the backlog. The metal sheet surface of the pillar villa to be repaired, so as to avoid the sun and rain corrosion damage on the metal sheet surface. If required, scraper material is used to protect metal roofs and play its role in thermally insulated, waterproof, energy-efficient air-conditioned rooms.

Can the light steel villa be wind resistant?

In addition to the strength of the light steel, the light steel villa can reach an earthquake resistance level of 8 and the wind resistance level of 13, and the housing rate is 40% higher than the traditional; environmental protection and energy saving, no construction waste; good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance, extruded plastic board and glass fiber cotton 2 layers Measures: Use single-sided breathing paper to ensure moisture-proof, the characteristics of users are personalized customization, and design their own appearance, layout and room type according to their own preferences.

The market development of light steel structure systems is growing rapidly with a growth rate of more than 30%. With the rising timber prices, it is gradually widely accepted by the market. At the same time, it is also widely accepted in neighboring Japan (Japan becomes the KC system) and South Korea, as well as Australia. Mass adoption. Mobility.

Some models of houses have wheels below, which can be moved around at any time, that is, they can be moved in a relatively wide range of orientations, even if it is moving, the house can be pulled and moved by itself. This is because all types of light steel houses are not fixed in style, but there are a variety of light steel structure villas that can have a special retro atmosphere and simple style.

The requirements for the quality of life are more stringent. The steel structure villas in the United States developed very early and are one of the more naive ones. They pay more attention to the aesthetics of the building itself, and more appearances are peculiar and different, fragrant and beautiful, suitable for all kinds of Landmark large buildings are used for viewing.

The research on light steel structure houses has also developed to a certain stage in various places. Light steel structure houses have changed the previous conservative construction methods and building systems in the field of construction so that building resources can be effectively allocated. Light steel structure houses are actually used for seventy to one hundred years.