Extensive Applications of Container Homes

Container Homes are exactly what they sound like houses made from steel shipping containers. You can see these containers all over the place on trains, trucks, and ships. People are using these huge LEGO blocks to build all shapes and sizes of homes.

Applications of containerized house

As we all know, container homes are widely used and applicable to many occasions. Due to their standardization, easy mobility, and easy loading and unloading, container homes are widely used across different industries. Inexpensive container homes originated as temporary housing or office accommodations on construction sites and gradually developed into more colorful, centralized, and modular designs, leading to a wider range of applications.

  • Emergency housing after disasters: Container activity rooms are convenient for transportation, loading and unloading, and are windproof, rainproof, and earthquake-proof. They can enable local authorities to build high-quality emergency housing for disaster victims at a relatively low cost, providing relief for their housing and survival issues.

  • Various residences: Nowadays, with the development of containerized houses and its designs becoming more colorful, many residences opt for living in shipping containers for creative design, such as villas in some scenic spots, temporary tourist hotels, and multi-story buildings. Choosing container homes can enhance the characteristics of various types of residences and make them more distinctive.

  • Office buildings: With the development of the containerized house industry, modular exterior designs have become more diverse, and container homes have begun to have some industrial, post-modern, and minimalist styles. By including some container elements in office buildings, the building can exhibit a post-modern style, be unique and eye-catching.

  • Public facilities: The design of containerized houses is generous, simple, and clean, making them very suitable for use in modern urban public service facilities. Nowadays, many public telephone booths, newsstands, volunteer service halls, dispatch stations, and sanitation stations in the city use container homes as basic buildings.

With the change in modern architectural styles and the pursuit of innovation, many container elements are now being introduced into construction, and their styles can be fully integrated into the architecture to form unique architectural styles. It is believed that with the continuous and rich development of container homes, their involvement in modern architecture will become greater.

How long can containerized house be used?

Container homes should be used for at least 25 years, but their service life can be longer if well-maintained or protected by wall panels. Rust is the most common problem, and it can shorten the service life of container homes. It is important to inspect your shipping container for rust and address and repair any problem areas to reduce the chances of rust spreading.

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