Introduction of Container House

The flat pack container house is composed of top frame components, bottom frame components, corner columns, and several pieces of interchangeable wall panels. Using the modular design concept and production technology, a box room is modularized into standard components and then assembled on-site at the receiving site. Or it can be hoisted and dropped.

What is a container house?

The product takes the box as the basic unit. The box structure adopts special cold-formed galvanized steel components. The enclosure insulation materials are all non-combustible materials. On-site assembly or overall hoisting can be moved in. It can be used alone or form a spacious use space and stack through different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions.

Features of container house

The container cabin house has the characteristics of a simple and safe structure, low basic requirements, fast on-site installation, convenient moving and relocation, many turnover times, and long service life. Dining rooms, bathrooms, entertainment, and combined large space use, can meet the needs of construction camps, municipal temporary housing, field operation barracks, emergency resettlement housing, schools, hospitals, tourist stations, and various commercial housing needs. The prefab farm buildings bring great convenience and thoughtful service to people's life and office. In recent years, Box Duoduo Packing Box has been favoured by large construction companies such as China Construction, China Railway Construction, Jinan Fourth Construction, and Hanjian Group due to its green environmental protection and the integration and innovation of modern urban elements.

Application of container house

In today's society, packing houses not only meet the needs of temporary construction sites but also can be applied to buildings in social life, such as packing houses, container houses, villas, container offices, etc. The container house has a solid structure and a complete form, which can meet the requirements of various building functions for the form and structure. How about the office made of the container house?

Advantages of container house

  • Less waste of materials required for construction;

  • Low manufacturing cost;

  • As a building component, the container house has a high degree of standardization, which can greatly improve the efficiency of design and assembly;

  • The transportation is more convenient for hoisting and unloading;

  • Good structural integrity, strong and durable buildings, and high safety;

  • Simple dismantling and high recovery rate;

  • It has certain durability, and the service life of the container building can be increased at present.