Hot Selling Container Products in ZhongTai

  • Flat Pack Container House
    Flat pack container house is our main product. the product line capacity:200sets /day. It adopts cold formed galvanized steel frame structure. The structure is composed of top frame components, corner column system and bottom frame components. It can be used in engineering camps, commercial housing, public utilities housing, military camps, tourism, municipal temporary housing, disaster relief resettlement housing, makeshift hospitals and so on.
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    Flat Pack Container House

ZhongTai Movable House Applications

Zhongtai Company is a China steel frame structure company. Our products are mainly temporary construction houses, supplemented by other steel structure products, which fully meet your needs in temporary accommodation, mobile cabin hospital, workshops, warehouses, agricultural greenhouses, livestock Housing, office housing, accommodation building , mobile bathroom, special equipment housing and other needs.

About ZhongTai

Zhongtai company is equipped with cutting-edge Independent Cold-Roll Forming Units, Welding Lines, Automatic Spraying Lines, 3 Assembly Lines, door & window processing Equipment Units, Imported Automatic Color Plate Production Lines and other equipment and facilities. 6000 sets of standard modular houses can be produced per month (annual production exceeds 70,000 sets).. It has successively obtained 7 product patent certifications, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO9001, SGS and other certifications.

  • Engineering & Design

    Engineering & Design

    Professional housing design team for needs from home housing design to large-scale project camps.
  • Project Logistics

    Project Logistics

    Established long-term business cooperation with many domestic and foreign logistics companies.
  • Site Installation

    Site Installation

    Professional housing product installation teams for the construction guidance and installation services of foreign engineering camps.

ZhongTai Steel Structure Projects

Zhongtai Company is a steel structure technology company that has not been established for a long time, but the relevant management, technical and construction personnel have many years of work experience in this field. we, one of the professional steel frame house manufacturers, have started to build hundreds of projects, and now we only briefly introduce the pictures, geographical locations and construction areas of some projects under construction abroad.

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