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T Type Steel Prefab House

T- house is a kind of prefabricated house launched in China in the early days. It has a wide range of applications and is mainly used for temporary construction such as accommodation, office, and public buildings. It has a short processing cycle, strong wind resistance, and corrosion resistance. Climatic conditions. Its transportation is more economical, and the transportation cost can be saved by 25% compared with general frame products.

Parameters of T Type Steel Prefab House

  • Products Parameters

    1Product TypeDegree of Standardizationcustom-made product, designed and manufactured according to clients' requirement
    2SizeLength (m):No limited, increase expansion joint when length more than 200m.
    3Width(m):single span should be less than 12m, an arbitrary  width could make by union spans 
    4Heigth(m):single floor5m, two or three floors, average height 4m
    5Roof slope:slope is 1:10~1:5
    6Floors:less than 3 floors
    7Standard equipmentGround channelGalvanized steel panel compression, thickness is 0.8mm
    8PostInside post is steel square pipe, the material is Q235, components surface make antirust process, and decorate with color steel compression parts.
    9Roof beamroof truss consists of thin sharp steel by welding, component surface make the antirust process
    10Purlinpurlin is Ctype steel, the material is Q235, components' surface makes an antirust process.
    11Wall beamwall beam is Ctype steel or square pipe, the material is Q235, component surface make the antirust process
    12Floormade of floor master beam, secondary beam, and floor surface plate(plywood)
    13wallboard50~150mm thickness double surface color steel sandwich panel, white color
    14roof board50~150mm thickness double surface color steel corrugated sandwich panel, blue or red color
    15doorcolor steel sandwich panel door,size:750mm*2000mm;
    16windowPVC sliding window, with steel screen.
    17OptionsCeilingmineral wool acoustic panel, aluminum buckle panel, PVC ceiling 
    18Elevation floorDesign based on local weather conditions.
    19Canopycolor steel sheet or color steel sandwich panel canopy
    20doorcompound wooden door, security door, aluminum alloy door
    21Electrical accessoriesSupply plan, design, and construction according to relevant national norms(220V,50Hz, with lamp, switches, and multi-function sockets.)
    22Water plumbing accessoriesSupply plan, design, and construction according to relevant national norms
    23Sanitary wareSupply according to customer needs
    24Furniture and electric applianceSupply according to customer needs
    25Design technical dataRoof dead load0.3KN/sqm
    26Roof live load0.5KN/sqm
    27Floor dead load0.5KN/sqm
    28Floor live load2KN/sqm
    29Wind load12degree,120km/h(strengthen the steel frame when the wind is bigger than this data)
    30Earthquake resistant intensity8 degree
    31Used for temperatureCelsius: from -25 to+50 (change the design when the temperature is lower than Celsius -25)
    32InstallationInstallation toolselectric drill, electric hammer,spanner,screwdriver,pulling rivet etc, house installation need electric power.
    33Installation efficiencyFour skilled labor one day can erect 40m2's house body
    34Transportcontainereach 40ft container could load 130~150Sqm house body material

Advantages of K Type Steel Prefab House

1. Reliable structure: It can resist the wind of 120KM/H.

2. Perfect anti-corrosion performance: The structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel square tube which is much better in corrosion resistance. For the economic type, we may consider the steel tube to be covered by Zinc-rich epoxy paint for anti-corrosion treatment

3. Short processing time: The mechanical mass production is easy to shorten the processing cycle.

4. Excellent sealing performance: The structures are hidden in the house and outer panels maintain a seamless connection with the tongue and groove system.

5. Easy installation: The main structures are connected by bolts and nuts, which greatly shorten the construction period.

6. Flexible design: It can be personalized according to customer demand.

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