• steel frame farm buildings

Steel Frame Farm Buildings

Agricultural steel-framed farm buildings are classified as follows according to the types of animals.

Poultry steel structure breeding farm (steel structure chicken house, duck house, goose house) and livestock steel structure breeding plant (steel structure pig house, sheep house, cattle house).

Compared with the traditional concrete breeding plant, all components of steel structure breeding plant are designed by the factory technical team through professional software and prefabricated in the factory, which only needs to be simply assembled on site.  With standardized components, good structural performance, short construction period, strong wind resistance and seismic performance.  In the case of earthquake, typhoon and other disasters, the steel structure can effectively avoid the collapse of the farm.  The weight of steel structure is relatively light, which can reduce the occurrence of collapse injury.  The site construction period is short, basically no wet operation, no dust and sewage environmental pollution.  Steel structure can be disassembled, convenient plant relocation, steel can be recycled, more energy saving and environmental protection to reduce environmental pollution, steel structure plant structural components section is small, the building area is relatively large.

Product Parameters of Steel Frame Farm Buildings

  • Specification

    Main Steel FrameColumQ235, Q345 Welded H Section Steel
    BeamQ235, Q345 Welded H Section Steel
    Secondary FramePurlinQ235 C and Z purlin
    Knee braceQ235 Angle Steel
    Tie RodQ235 Circular Steel Pipe
    BraceQ235 Round Bar
    Vertical and Horizontal SupportQ235 Angle Steel, Round Bar or Steel Pipe
    Maintenance SystemRoof SystemRoof Panel (EPS/Fiber Glass Wool/Rock Wool/PU Sandwich Panel or Steel Sheet Cover) and Accessories
    Wall   SystemWall Panel (Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet
    Window SystemAluminum Alloy Window/ PVC Window/Skylight
    Door SystemSliding Sandwich Panel Door/Rolling Metal Door/PVC Door
    OthersPVC Rainspout, Gutter etc
    Wind Resisitance Grace12 Grades
    Earthquake-resistance8 Grades
    Structure life spanUp to 50 years
    TemperatureSuitable temperature -50℃~+50℃
    CertificationISO9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; ISO45001:2018
    Finishing OptionsVast array of colors and textures available
    Paint OptionsAlkyd painting, two primary painting, two finish painting (gray paint, red paint, white paint, epoxy zinc etc.) or Galvanized.

Advantages of Steel Frame Farm Buildings

  1. Different types and sizes according to customer’s demand: large or small, wide span, single span or multiple spans. The max span is 36m without middle column.

  2. Low cost and maintenance advantages.

  3. Fast construction and easy installation: time saving and labor saving, all the items are factory-made, pre-cut, pre-welded, pre-drilled, pre-painted.

  4. Reduced construction waste, long using lifespan: up to 50 years.

  5. Nice appearance.

  6. Others: environmental protection, green building material, new technology, stable structure, High quake-proof, water proof and fire proof, and energy conserving.

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