Popularization of Steel Structure House

Understanding Steel Structure House

There have been many incidents of buildings collapsing suddenly around the world, turning into a pile of rubble in an instant. These accidents serve as a lesson to everyone about the importance of safety.

Different types of steel structures:

Heavy Steel Structure: Heavy steel structures are made by connecting steel plates and sections. They are much stronger compared to concrete, bricks, and wood, making them suitable for constructing structures with large spans and heavy loads. They are often used in industrial plants, large sports arenas, and high-rise buildings.

Light Steel Structure: The overall stiffness of light steel structures is high, their steel strength is good, and they have good ductility, making them earthquake-resistant. Additionally, in order to avoid damaging the coating, bolts are used throughout the entire assembly process, without the need for welding. In the event of any problems, the steel frame house may only deform, but it will never collapse. (buy light steel villa china, light steel prefab house)

Understanding Container Homes

Container homes, also known as modular homes or container buildings, have many advantages compared to traditional homes. Container homes are trendy, sleek, and flexible, and come in various designs. Container homes are steel-based green buildings and a popular type of steel construction today. Our company produces luxurious and economical packaged container homes, which are factory-produced, modular-designed, and assembly-combined. They are environmentally friendly, fast, and comfortable.

The main frame of a container house is made up of profiled steel and square tubes, welded together, resulting in a robust and durable structure. Steel-based container homes are wind-resistant, earthquake-resistant, and can withstand greater pressure, making them sturdy and durable, and providing users with a comfortable living environment. At the same time, container homes have various styles and can be freely combined into different shapes and styles of buildings, giving you a unique home.

Hebei Zhongtai Steel Structure Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive solution provider specializing in the design, manufacturing, sales, installation, and after-sales service of steel prefabricated building structure. Our company has China's advanced automated production lines, and our products are characterized by fast construction, easy movement, and environmentally-friendly materials. Our steel structure houses include container homes, packaged container homes, and standard single, double, triple, and quadruple containers; corridor containers, stair containers, shower rooms, and toilets suitable for enterprises, factories, hospitals, schools, agricultural farms, temporary buildings, and homes. We provide professional designs, intimate layouts, and strong privacy to meet different types of requirements.

Zhongtai House, as a prefabricated steel building manufacturer, provides a variety of steel modular homes construction, we have:

Flat Pack Container House

Light steel prefab house

Prefab farm buildings

Light steel villa china