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Folding Container House

The folding container house is a modified container that can be easily folded or disassembled, and can be easily reassembled when used again. Specifically, the folding container house is composed of a base, a left wall, a right wall, a front door wall, a rear wall and a roof. The base and the lower end of each wall are connected by hinges. The upper end and the roof are connected by hinges with movable pins. When the container is not loaded and used, the walls and roofs are folded and stored on the base. When the customer uses it, the prefab cargo container homes can be opened, the roof can be lifted, the walls can be erected, and the walls can be connected by hinges with movable pins. The folded volume of the foldable container is only one-fifth of the general fixed container, which can greatly reduce the transportation cost and reduce the storage area and space. The operation of folding and installation is simple, labor-saving and time-saving, more economic benefits can be obtained, and the market competitiveness of the product is greatly improved. Please contact us for the folding container house price.

Product Parameters of Folding Container House for Sale

  • Product Parameters

    TypeSizeMaterialSizeThickness (mm)UnitQty
    Characteristicinterior size(mm)

    folding size(mm)

    Total Weight(kg

    design parameterStructural design service life10Years

    Floor live load  200kg/Sqm

    Roof live load  100kg/Sqm

    Wind load  8 grade

    Seismic fortification intensity 
    10 grade

    frame structure roof frameQ235B Square tube50*50*2.32m1.8Pcs4
    Q235B Square tube50*50*1.128m1.8Pcs3
    Q235B Square tube20*40*1.1m1.8Pcs2
    Q235B Square tube80*80*5.8m1.8Pcs2
    P-type Pipe40*80*2.32m1.8Pcs2
    galvanized sheet5.75m*1.5m0.8Pcs1
    glass wool11.6m*1.5m0.75Meter12
    corner iron3*3*5.64m
    Ceiling board
    Length direction surface wallboardL shape steel plate (galvanized)1.160m2Pcs4
    P shape steel square tube40*80*5.8m1.8Pcs8
    P shape steel square tube1.08m1.8Pcs8
    wall board1080*2.84m0.3Pcs8
    galvanized through1.08m0.8Pcs8
    color-steel corner2.84m0.5Pcs8
    cardigan buckle groove1.08m0.5Pcs8
     type D strip5.8m
    Width direction surface wallboardP shape steel square tube2.43m1.8Pcs4
    U-shaped slot

    galvanized angle50#0.8Meter20.41


    white strip

    Chassiscustom chassis beam ( galvanized steel plate)160*80*5.8m2Pcs2
    Q236B Square tube40*601.8Pcs9
    top roofOverall frame coatingelectrostatic spray/straight plastic powder  
    exterior top roofgalvanized steel plate 0.8mm
    interior ceilingcolor-steel sheet V/831/0.37mm
    wall boardLength direction surface wallboard50 or 75mm sandwich board, 0.3mm+ glass wool(density:30kg+0.3mm
    Width direction surface wallboard50 or 75mmsandwich board, 0.3mm+ glass wool(density:30kg+0.3mm
    flooringcement-fiber  board15mm
    electrical wiring systeminstallation in strict accordance with moisture-proof specifications, all electrical products conform to CE certification.  Connection circuit according to circuit engineering specifications, indoor: 4² national standard soft copper wire, 1 32A circuit breaker, 1 three-hole air conditioner socket, 2.5² socket inlet, 1 five-hole single open socket, 1 five-hole socket, 1 LED lamp 
    Security doorQuality security door (warm white) size:860mm*1990mm
    windowSingle glass sliding window plastic steel window with guardrail screen, glass thickness 4mm (warm white)  
    Wall ColorWhite color and optional colors
    Decoration WallOptional: PVC cladding, WPC cladding, Optional 
    ElectricityOptional standard
    Install Time2 Workers 10 mins
    Wind ResistanceWind speed≤120 km/h
    Earthquake ResistanceGrade 8
    Snow Load Capacity Of Roofing0.6kn/m2
    Snow Load Capacity Of Roofing0.6kn/m2
    Wall Permitted Loading0.6kn/m2
    Heat Conductivity Coefficient0.35kcal/m2hc
    Delivery TimeAbout 15-20 working days
    Container Loading10 sets/40HQ

Advantages of Folding Container House China

The advantages of a folding container house are as follows:

  1. Sturdy and durable, can be used repeatedly for a long time, with sufficient strength;

  2. Transshipment on the way can be directly replaced without moving the goods in the box;

  3. The folding container house is easy to transport, can be quickly loaded and unloaded, and can be easily changed from one means of transport to another;

  4. The folding container house for sale is very convenient to fill and unload the goods;

  5. The volume is large and the goods are loaded;

  6. Standard specifications.

Folding Container House Installation

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