Modular Houses Are Environmentally Friendly and Simple

1. Understanding modular house

In the industrial society, standardization and industrialization have become a trend, and the industrialization of housing and modular houses have been widely discussed around the world. In Europe and Japan, modular houses have been applied in the middle of the 20th century. Since the beginning of the new century, China's huge demand for housing and tourism housing, with the research and implementation of housing boxes, modular housing, and industrialized housing, whether it can alleviate everyone's sensitive housing nerves is still unknown, but at least it is certain What's more, with the development of new materials and new processes, modular box houses or modular houses will perform a wonderful future in the application fields mentioned above. At least in developed economies, it is no longer a low-end residential term.

The components of the house are divided into different functional modules, which are manufactured in a factory with standardized, modular, and generalized production. The house can be assembled on site anytime, anywhere, and the whole process can be completed in just a few hours. Building modularity is an innovation in building design and construction technology.

2. The environmental protection and convenience of modular houses

Modular houses are accepted by more and more people because of their highly industrialized production methods, efficient on-site installation level, excellent performance, and the product concept of healthy home. The production mode of my country's villa housing industry is undergoing a revolution from "building houses" to "manufacturing houses". The industrialized production characteristics of the modular housing system provide an effective carrier for this revolution. Government departments are also vigorously promoting the development of the construction industry in the direction of industrialization and industrialization. Flat pack portacabin, with their highly industrialized production methods, efficient on-site installation levels, excellent performance, and healthy home product concepts, are more and more accepted by people.

The modular steel house has complete energy-saving energy storage technology, and the energy-saving effect can reach more than 75%. The wall of the modular house adopts environmentally friendly renewable materials, which is conducive to environmental protection. At present, the multi-storey residential structure system is mainly masonry structure and concrete frame structure, and a large number of Portland cement materials are used. Portland materials are non-renewable resources, and after the disintegration of the building, it will become waste that is difficult to recycle and reuse, causing great damage to the environment. Except for the concrete structure of the foundation and core tube, the modular house uses environmentally friendly and renewable materials, which greatly reduces the use of concrete.

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