Container Houses Are Becoming More and More Popular in the Market

Container homes have become increasingly popular over the past few years because they are affordable, durable, and environmentally friendly. In theory, building an ideal container house may seem easy, but there are a few things you need to consider to make sure it's well built, beautiful, and sustainable. We've prepared a checklist that shows you some simple tips you can take to make sure you can easily buy the right container to go home. Container Houses

1. Check the container house before buying When buying a container home, you may not be able to check it in person, especially on the other side of the world. However, you can request pictures and packaging pictures of container houses before the products are shipped. Pay attention to the dimensions before you buy to make sure that you have enough space in the container house you are buying.

2. Research building codes in your area Different countries or cities have different regulations for building container houses. Before you start building, make sure you understand the legal information. To make sure you're getting off to a good start, check your local and state building codes.

3. Find the right building contractor Find a contractor who has experience in all aspects of container housing to make the construction process smooth. They can help you get the type of container house you need. Dealing with one contractor is better than dealing with multiple contractors because it makes project management easier. Zhongtai company can provide one-stop services, including R & D design, manufacturing, storage and transportation, installation guidance, after-sales service and other solutions.

4. To ensure good thermal insulation performance You need to choose a container house with thermal insulation function to make your life more comfortable. Our container house adopts 75mm glass wool sandwich panel, and the glass wool density is 64kg/㎡. It has the characteristics of anti-fire, heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance and so on.

5. Avoid splitting the container When an ordinary container is cut into additional doors or windows, its structural integrity is compromised. The more the container is cut, the more it needs to be strengthened and the budget increased. The doors, windows, switches and sockets of zhongtai container house are prefabricated in the factory. The wall-mounted mounting position can be moved and combined freely.

6. Design project planning Ensure that you have a good understanding of where wires and pipes are going in and out of the house. If you’ve never purchased containers before, start with a detailed project plan.

Our company has a professional housing design team, including 3 senior engineers and 8 intermediate technical personnel, which can meet your needs from home housing design to large-scale project camps.

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