Steel Frame Home Construction

The integrated house requires a house model in which different residential components and parts are produced by factories and then assembled on-site. Also known as modular housing, is still a brand new building system for China.

Zhongtai House manufactured steel frame structure home buildings have the following advantages:

1. Excellent thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance

The outer wall of the prefabricated steel frame home adopts a unique special thermal insulation and energy-saving technology, and the thermal conductivity of the main section of the outer wall is low. The unique heat reflection and ventilation interlayer design effectively eliminates the phenomenon of cold and heat bridges and meets the requirements of building energy saving of more than 80%.

2. Earthquake resistance, wind resistance, fire resistance, and durable

The prefabricated steel home adopts a light steel structure, which has good ductility, earthquake resistance, and wind resistance, and its self-weight is about 1/6 to 1/4 of the traditional structure. The keel member and the outer wall panel form a "skin effect", which greatly improves the ability to resist horizontal and vertical loads. The main body of the house is closely connected to the foundation, and it can resist earthquakes of magnitude 8 or higher and hurricanes with wind speeds of 70 m/s. The main wall insulation material is A-grade insulation material, which is used to fill the middle of the wall of the whole villa and the effective fire separation between each wall panel. After testing, it can reach the system fire protection level A to avoid large-scale fire hazards.

3. Good sound insulation

The composite wall is composed of different materials, different thicknesses, multi-layer structures, and multi-layer cavities, and the inner and outer walls and floors are filled with sound insulation materials.

4. Superior air humidity regulation performance

The outer wall uses breathing paper, which blocks the outdoor moisture from entering the room, while the indoor moisture can be easily discharged outside. The interior walls are made of light steel partitions, which not only have the function of fire prevention, but also have the function of breathing, which absorbs the indoor moisture in the rainy season, and releases the crystal water in the autumn and winter to adjust the indoor humidity.

5. Increase the usable area

According to different requirements, the thickness of the outer wall of the prefabricated steel home is 90-150mm, the structural area is greatly reduced, and the residential area can be as high as 92%, which is about 7% to 10% more usable area than traditional buildings.

6. Modular design, rich and diverse appearance

Modular house, modular house design, digital modeling, flexible and changeable, any combination to meet the pursuit of different architectural styles; The excellent processing performance of light steel structural materials provides the possibility for the construction of various styles of architectural shapes.

7. Short construction time Short construction time:

The construction standards of integrated houses are generally relatively uniform. We can use different shapes, different materials, and different methods for temporary assembly according to needs. Compared with traditional buildings, the cost is greatly saved, and the assembly speed is fast. Only one-third of the time traditional buildings

8. Flexible and suitable

Well, integrated equipment prefabricated steel home construction is more flexible and suitable for the installation and use of a variety of advanced modern equipment. Such as advanced solar energy systems; central vacuum systems; household centralized heating and cooling system; anti-theft, intercom systems, etc.

Zhongtai House mainly offers these types of prefabricated container houses:

Flat Pack Container House

Detachable Container House

Folding Container House

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