What Are the Characteristics of Container House?

Understanding of Container House

Container houses are not only used in construction sites, but also widely applied in people’s daily lives. For example, many newsstands and street cafes are made from containers. It can be seen that container houses are gradually integrating into people's daily lives. Container housing is a new concept of living. It is green, time-saving, labor-saving and very flexible. Compared with traditional housing, it can provide more choices for families, individuals and even communities to get what they need. Container houses can also be stylish and environmentally friendly. They are able to resist wind of up to level 10 and earthquake of up to level 8. The features of container house are low price, durability and high safety. In the event of serious natural disasters, independent modular units will not be crushed.

Characteristics of Container House

The greatest characteristic of container house is professional design, fully meeting people's requirements for housing such as thermal insulation, heat resistance, sound insulation, etc. Container houses are not only professional, but also standardized, modular and versatile. They can be used for both living and storing goods, and during the process of storing goods, the wall with strong heat resistance can be chosen based on the nature of goods, such as rice, which is easily damp, to prevent the indoor air convection from producing water vapor.


As the dimensions of these house are fixed in length, width and height, several fixed functional room layouts can be designed so that they can be flexibly combined 360 degrees according to different usage requirements. They can form large spaces and become standardized products, making mass production possible. They can be stacked vertically for up to three levels.

High integration

Container house can be moved in as soon as it is hoisted without any renovation.

Can be moved as a whole

Container house can be moved as a whole without dismantling or assembling, greatly reducing the cost of secondary use on site.

Low transportation cost

Container houses are packed and transported conveniently and quickly. Flat packing allows for transportation in multiple ways, effectively saving long-distance transportation costs. The houses can be packed for transportation, or the houses can be prefabricated in the factory and transported as a whole by hoisting. In order to adapt to long-distance sea transportation, the box house is divided into a roof, a ground, columns and plates. Several houses can be packed into an independent package of a container volume for direct long-distance transportation, saving a large amount of transportation costs.