• light steel villa

Light Steel Villa

  1. A light steel villa is a single-family house built on a light steel frame. In the process of construction and installation, the computer is very accurate in the calculation, accurate installation, and the bearing capacity is very good. The walls and roof of a light steel villa are generally constructed by the installation of functional boards and insulation materials, so a light steel villa is not only beautiful but also has the advantages of heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and so on.

  2. The whole construction process of a light steel villa is very simple and fast, the construction time is short, the noise of the construction product is small, and it will not affect the life of the surrounding residents.

  3. The installation of light steel keel material used by light steel villa is environmentally friendly material, and can be reused, will not produce a lot of construction waste.

  4. Light steel villa use dry construction, water consumption is less.  The quality of light steel villas is generally relatively light, but the stability is very good, with good seismic performance.

Product Parameters of Light Steel Villa

  • Steel Structure

    Light Gauge Steel Structure Frame(G550, AZ150)
    Wall Frame: C140mm or C89mm; Roof Frame: C70mm

  • Cladding Materials

    Roof SystemSteel roof plate+ fiber glass+housewrap+12mm OSB board
    Exterior Wall27mmPU embossed sandwich panel+Housewrap+12mmOSB board+100mm fiber glass+12mm gypsum board
    Interior Wall12mm gypsum board+ fiber glass insulation+12mm gypsum board
    Ceiling12mm gypsum board, steel ceiling, PVC ceiling
    FloorCeramic tile, laminate floor
    WindowAluminum or PVC window
    DoorExterior steel door: 900*2080mm, 1200*2080mm, 1500*2080mm
    Interior Door: 700*2100mm, 800*2100mm

  • Accessories

    DrainagePVC gutter and downspout
    PlumbingInlet and outlet pipes, toilet, shower, hand basin, bathtub, urinal
    ElectricityLight, switch, socket, distribution panel, a global standard

Advantages of Light Steel Villa

  1. Saving construction time 50%- carry out apanaked decorate within 15 days

  2. Safety performance improvement 100%- Anti-seismic, Wind resistant and durable

  3. Energy saving 60% -New type materials are adopted for heat insulation and ventilation.

  4. Reuse 90%- 90% material can be reuse

  5. Eco-friendly 100%-No waste and pollution during construction

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