Why Are ZhongTai Container Houses Loved by Many Customers?

Nowadays, in addition to commercial houses, there are also packaged containerized houses, which are not only green and environmentally friendly, but also can be moved at any time, and the price is also very cheap, so they are deeply favored and loved by everyone. So what is a packed containerized house?

1. What is a packed containerized house?


First of all, the packaged storage container buildings are a trendy and fashionable building system. It is not only green and environmentally friendly, but also saves time and effort, is flexible and can be moved to where you need it at any time. The packaged box house is composed of a roof, a base, corner columns and several interchangeable wall panels. Using modular design concepts and production technology, a box house is modularized into standard parts, and then assembled or hoisted and dropped on the site of the house. bit. Finally, the packaged containerized house is a kind of prefabricated house, which is widely used on construction sites for workers' daily use and rest.

China steel structure warehouse takes the box as the basic unit. The box structure is made of special cold-formed galvanized steel components. The enclosure materials are all made of non-combustible materials. The plumbing, electricity, decoration and functional support are all prefabricated in the factory without secondary construction. On-site assembly or overall hoisting and placement can be used for occupancy.

At this stage, a house is not only a necessity, but also a luxury. Expensive house prices make many people have to save for a down payment for a long time, and then spend half their lives repaying the loan. This is also something that can't be helped. Most people think that owning a house is a real home. Renting a house is definitely different from buying a house. The containerized house is placed in nature and harmoniously coexists with the surrounding natural environment. The crimson house stands out against the lush green forest.