Weatherability of Container Houses

Container houses are gradually accepted by people because of their convenience. But some people still worry, compared with traditional houses, in the face of changing climate conditions, whether it can really meet people's needs.

Our popular container houses are roughly the same in material selection, commonly used are ESP color-steel sandwich panel, fireproof rock wool color steel sandwich panel, glass wool color-steel sandwich board, polyurethane color steel sandwich board and so on. The above four kinds of data are thermal insulation data. For example, the thermal insulation data in the household freezer is polyurethane thermal insulation board, which has good thermal insulation performance. Among the known thermal insulation data, the thermal insulation property of 50mm thick insulation board is equivalent to that of 240mm thick traditional brick house. Container houses produced by Zhongtai company choose glass wool or polyurethane sandwich board as insulation material, it has the characteristics of fire and dust prevention, is the most of our construction site building optional high-quality material. Zhongtai Company as the professional container house production and sales enterprise, with more than 10 years of experience, mainly container houses, customized houses and steel structure products production, installation, company products detailed introduction, please visit our website

Zhongtai House, as a prefabricated steel building manufacturer, provides a variety of steel modular homes construction, we have:

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