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Dormitory Container

Accommodation Container houses are the most widely used container houses field. During the implementation of modern engineering projects, as the best product that can quickly and efficiently solve the temporary accommodation needs of the camp, the container van dormitory far exceeds the functions of tents in terms of comfort and support facilities. The dormitory container has been widely used in road and bridge, communication, mining, oil and gas exploration, construction and other industries. 

We are a one-stop service provider that can provide all-around accommodation, bath, office, dining hall, warehouse, special communication, power equipment container house products, and fully meet the products and services for your camp construction needs. We have 10 product patents and have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 certification. Our team members have more than 10 years of experience in the field of mobile home management, production and container van dormitory design. We have our own mobile home research center, which is capable of solving all the difficulties and problem in camp construction for you.

Product Parameters of Dormitory Container

  • Specification


    5950mm(L)*2250mm (W)*2690 mm(H)(external size) 5700mm(L)*2020mm(W)*2390mm(H)(internal size)Or 6050mm(L)*2438mm (W)*2590 mm(H)(external size) 5875mm(L)*2255mm(W)*2325mm(H)(internal size)


    Simple concrete foundation or solid floor slab required


    Profile steel; Plywood/fiber cement panels+ vinyl/PVC surface flooring.

    Steel frame

    Frame structure: cold formed profile steel, 4mm thickness; Corrosion Protection: Polishing, derusting, sand blasting; Finishing coat: alkyd honed painting; Connected by bolts or screws.

    Wall and roof boards

    Sandwich panels, GI sheet, decoration panels, panels thickness will be 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm PU, EPS, Rockwool or others.


    Sandwich panels, GI sheet, asphalt shingle. Panels thickness will be 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm PU, EPS, Rockwool or others.

    Outside doors

    Steel security doors or aluminium doors; The dimensions of doors are 800 X 1950 mm.

    Interior doors

    Wood, aluminum or sandwich panels doors.


    Main material is PVC double glass sliding, aluminium, gypsum windows and etc;The window dimensions are 900/1100mm and they may vary upon request.

    Exterior decoration

    PVC ex-hanging panels, metal carved boards or MDF decorative boards and etc.


    The electrical installation is hidden, laid in plaster depth. The cables are HES brand, for the fuses Siemens automates are used. For the sockets cables of 2 X 2.5, lighting 2 X 1.5 are used. The switches and sockets are VIKO brand. In each room, there is one switch and two sockets. Split air conditioning installation will be made at the container.


    The installations are made plaster depth. Clean water piping are FIRAT brand. The tea furnace is chrome steel kitchen sink. Wash basins and lavatory bowls are DOGVIT brand.

    Technical parameters

    Standard roof load

    0.5KN/m2(can reinforce the structure as required)

    wind speed

    Wind speed designing 210km/h (Chinese standard)

    seismic resistance

    magnitudes 8

    Temperature suitable



    Grade 3

    component long beam

    3mm galvanized steel material



    short beam

    2.5mm galvanized steel sheet

    column on the corner

    3mm galvanized steel raw material

    secondary beam

    Z-shaped galvanized steel

    Floor panel

    18mm plywood panel+12mm laminated floor or 20mm cement-fiber +2mm vinyl flooring


    Two forklift on the base to move from one site to another

    External power

    If possible, we will add one or two external power holes on the roof panel.

  • Parameters

    ItemMaterial and SpecificationSize
    DimensionsExternal (L*W*H)5950mm*3000mm*2800mmStandard
    Roof structureroof beamss400-hdg hot dip galvanized profiled parts5630mm*160*2.3mm
    roof railss401-hdg hot dip galvanized profiled parts2680mm*160*2.3mm
    roof square tube50*50*1.8 hot dip galvanized
    roof corner45steel punching tee corner5mm
    roof frame square pipe40*80*1.2 galvanized
    roof frame square pipe40*60*1.0 galvanized
    roof tile980type contianer special tile0.45mm
    ceiling tile981type contianer special tile0.25mm
    pressure plate slot1.2mm galvanized bending
    Thermal insulartion materialglass wool
    Base structurebase beamss400-hdg hot dip galvanized5630mm*160*2.3mm
    base railss400-hdg hot dip galvanized2680mm*160*2.3mm
    base corner45# steel stamping tee corner4.7mm
    base purlinHot dip galvanized square pipe 1.2mm40*80*2990
    base purlinHot dip galvanized square pipe 1.2mm80*80*2990
    floorgrade A fireproof glass magnesiu board16mm
    Corner columncorner column2.3mm formed section2480mm*160mm
    PaintingPlastic spraying + paint bakingoutdoor plastic powderaccording to customer color requirements
    Connectorbracket connecting screwM12*30  strength grade 8.8
    frame screwM12*25 galvanized carrage screw
    Wind resistant connector of frame bodyM20
    chassic screwlong rod galvanized screwM10*100 M10*60
    wall panelwallboarddoubl-sided rock wool sandwich boardsteel plate thickness:0.3mm
    door and windowdoorplastic-sprayed steel handlewith frame
    windowaliminium alloy security windowSingle glass aluminum profile window
    decorative striproof corner line3*3 aluminium alloy
    coloumn corner lineplastic spraying  inner arc aluminum profilewidth:75mm

    optional material: high-grrade decoration materialItemMaterialRemarks
    PVC inner corner wall skirtPVC
    Flat iron sheet concealed ceiling0.326 color steel
    PVC engineering vinyl roll sheetRefractory plasticmany colors is available
    High grade hollow glass windowsplastic steelHollow tempered glass
    glass curtainaluminum alloycustomization
    electric equipmentItemBrand
    The electric boxfamous brand
    Double row leak protector
    LED energy-saving lamp tube
    An open
    Air conditioning socket 16A
    USB socket * 4
    Galvanized JDG pipe + connector
    Single conductor2.5Square MM, National Standard
    Single conductor2.5 Square MM National Standard
    Single conductor1.5Square MM National Standard
    MemoNote: Container toilets are the same for men and women. Aluminum-plastic board floor, stainless steel sink drainage system, all wood-plastic board baffle holes.  Exhaust fans, blinds, etc.  Shower container aluminum plastic board floor, PVC pipe shower head.

Advantages of Dormitory Container

  1. Durability: The container house adopts a frame structure system, and the steel frame is made of anti-corrosion high-strength cold-rolled galvanized sheet, which can effectively avoid the influence of corrosion of the steel plate during construction and use. It has strong earthquake resistance, deformation resistance, and service life. 20+ years.

  2. Thermal insulation: The thermal insulation material used has good thermal insulation effect.

  3. Sound insulation: The composite wallboard installed in the house has a good sound insulation effect, and the sound insulation is more than 40 decibels.

  4. Health: dry construction to reduce environmental pollution caused by waste, 100% of the steel structure materials of the house can be recycled, and most of the other supporting materials can also be recycled, which is in line with the current environmental awareness; all materials are green building materials to meet the ecological environment. requirements, good for health.

  5. Convenience: Easy disassembly and assembly, easy to transport, especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites;

  6. Sealing: The strict manufacturing process makes this kind of movable room have good water tightness;

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