What are the benefits of custom container houses?

At this stage, the policy has relatively high requirements for the safety protection and living standard regulations of temporary engineering buildings. The container house in a more construction project construction site will be used as a configuration of the equipment, which is relatively more convenient and convenient. But relative to the custom container housing design creativity, and its container housing safety factor, comfort also has more and more requirements.

Customized container housing can be environmentally friendly and energy saving

Compared with the traditional construction method, custom container housing relative to the construction of water consumption of cement and concrete will be significantly reduced, and in the construction site will be a lot less waste and energy saving, and also reduce the length of construction. This concept of life and we now have the concept of environmental protection and energy saving are inextricably linked.

Custom container housing mobility is good

And this kind of activity board room in the installation and use and disassembly of the case is relatively convenient, compared with our traditional type of concrete engineering building, its logistics costs are also inexpensive, the streets can often see by the container upgrade into a portable hotel, cafes and stores. Customized container housing, not only reduces a large amount of costs, but also to be able to view the beautiful scenery around the very good.

Custom container housing on the living environment requirements are low

Custom container housing, the use of public facilities requirements are low, can be built in a variety of geological environments above the standard foundation. Container housing is convenient to equip with electric engineering and water circulation type system, can quickly become a separate daily life operation system. Many traditional way of engineering construction is a requirement for the terrain, or rainy days may cause a kind of damage to the house and this kind of housing is able to adapt to a greater extent to a variety of geological environments.

That is we speak of some of the benefits of custom container housing dismantling convenient, relatively low requirements for public facilities, and to meet our environmental protection and energy conservation of a core concept, these are not all the advantages of container housing and good compressive performance, and housing decoration can be designed in advance creativity and so on these characteristics is also a good level of the activity board room.

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