What Are the Advantages of Container Homes?

Introduction to containerized house

Prefabricated container homes are houses with windows and doors made primarily from containers that have been modified. They are commonly used as dormitories for workers at construction sites or as rental housing because of their strength, durability and ease of construction. Therefore, container homes are also known as residences made from shipping containers.

Advantages of containerized house

  • Aesthetics of prefabricated container homes: When you own a comfortable containerized house, outsiders see a very unique house. As our previous article shows, all container homes are eye-catching. Moreover, container homes can be built in different environments, creating different visual effects.

  • The construction speed of prefabricated container homes: Another incredible reason to build container homes is their fast construction time. Typical containers exceed 8 feet in height and 40 feet in length, but whether horizontally or vertically spliced, these containers can create comfortable and practical houses! According to surveys, traditional housing construction takes about a year. However, container homes can be ready to move in within a short six months.

  • The versatility of prefabricated container homes: Containers are very versatile. As previously mentioned, they can be made into any type of house you can imagine. This is because the containers are already shaped, so all you need to do is cut them according to your design. You should know that removing inner walls from a traditional house involves many factors and requires a lot of effort. But container homes only require cutting the middle sheet to create the space you want. Also, because containers are generally of the same size, you can easily join them together.

  • The Stability of prefabricated container homes: If you think the above reasons are not enough to convince you, the most important reason is the stability of containers. It is known that the US Army's previous shelters were built from container homes, and a container can carry 30 tons of cargo and can be stacked up to 7 layers high. Therefore, the bottom container needs to support a weight of 200 tons, which no traditional house can achieve.

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