Maintenance of Mobile Prefab House

As a shelter from the wind and rain, the mobile room needs to be maintained just like human skin. How to maintain it should start from the infrastructure.


The house is a major issue related to people's livelihood, so its safety and maintenance issues are crucial. Our place to educate children should start with dolls, so our mobile home is the same. If we want it to be of good quality so that we can live without worries in the future, we not only need to maintain it, but also pay special attention to the initial construction and selection of materials.


First of all, if the overall China prefab steel warehouse structure of the house is to be firm, thicker steel structure components should be used, the thickness of the steel plate should be thick enough, and the thickness of the wall plate should be more than 0.3, so as to ensure the overall wind load and a nuclear load of the house. it's the best.


Secondly, using the principle of electrochemistry to perform additional cathodic polarization on components to slow down corrosion is the principle of cathodic protection.


Third, the metal surface covering layer: spraying, lining, infiltrating, plating, coating a layer of corrosion-resistant metal or non-metallic (organic or inorganic) substances and phosphating and oxidizing the metal to reduce the corrosion rate of components;


Fourth, anti-corrosion design and improvement of the production process; another special technical measure is nanotechnology, which has broad application prospects in various surface modification layers and coatings for different purposes. If we always think about the quality and the problems that we may encounter in the future before and after the prefab construction, we can solve the problems as clearly as possible, then many potential safety hazards can be avoided. Just like people, if we don’t pay attention to maintenance, Then the older we are, the more we will look older than our peers. This is all the truth. In today's rapid economic development, the safety of people's livelihood has become a major issue. If we focus on good quality in all walks of life, especially mobile homes, if we spend more time and energy on maintenance, the people will be happier and more direct. The steel frame house China is to bring a good reputation and bring more sales performance.


Everyone is responsible for safety issues. There is nothing more valuable than life. As long as we always remember that the prefab must pay attention to maintenance, we can truly realize the vision of shielding the world from wind and rain.