Used Container Houses Have Been Transformed into Modern Fast Food Restaurants

Snackbox fast food restaurant is located in Times Square, the most prosperous neighborhood in New York. The second-hand container house has been transformed into a modern fast food restaurant.

Due to the crowded crowd in Times Square and the narrow street space, the design of the fast food restaurant has put forward high requirements. This creative container mobile home fast food restaurant solves this problem very well. China prefabricated steel structure building can not only fit into the limited space well, but also is very conspicuous in terms of appearance and color.

houses (2).png

The 6-meter-long container house also has enough space for employees to complete their daily tasks. At the same time, the fast food restaurant is very flexible, and it only takes a few minutes to realize the opening or closing of the storefront.

houses (3).png

This is also a very environmentally friendly fast food restaurant. Prefab container house China uses a hybrid power, with a battery and a solar generator. In winter, the residual heat of the generator can also provide heat for employees for heating purposes.